How to earn bitcoin

Need to bitcoin urgent. How to get it immediately

CoinTracker is a portfolio tracking service, we never have access to any user funds. We are a platform for tracking cryptocurrency holdings (which are always held elsewhere). If someone told you they were sending you funds using CoinTracker or depositing funds into a CoinTracker account they are giving you false information and are trying to scam you. You should save records of all of your conversations with them, including phone numbers and email addresses, and contact the authorities.

This support contact form is the only official way to contact our support if you have been talking to someone who claims to work for CoinTracker through WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, iMessage, Discord, or from an email that doesn’t end in you have been talking to someone who is lying to you and is likely trying to trick you into giving them money.

You can find more details in this blog post and this support article.