How to fix "insufficient balance in wallet" error on transfer transactions?


This was not an issue last time I checked around November of last year.

I have several transfer transactions where the “insufficient balance in wallet” error is shown on the incoming wallet which says “error we don’t have a record of you receiving X crypto amount in this wallet” even though that exact transfer transaction is transferring the exact same crypto amount that the error is complaining about?

The BTC amount shown below is the same BTC amount that was transferred in the second screenshot (I got this BTC amount from Coinbase for buying X amount of crypto when signing up I think if that helps?):

The wallet that is receiving the BTC amount has not had any prior BTC transaction history so this was the first BTC transaction:

The amount of crypto that the error is complaining about even though the transfer transaction in the above screenshot is the exact same amount:

I already looked through the link ( provided by the error pop-up when hovering over the “insufficient balance in wallet” and it did not help.


Did anyone figure this one out?

Also struggling with a bunch of transactions that say “Insufficient balance” even though remaining balance exceeds transaction amounts. Can’t seem to find a workaround and it breaks all subsequent cost basis calculations.


Yea everyone has a bunch of messed up transactions now, it is on cointrackers end so have to wait for them to fix it.


I was just banging my head against the wall with this exact issue. There is literally only one transaction in the receiving wallet, and it is the one Cointracker claims to have no record of.


Same here, I have added a bunch of manual transactions, and even though my “Balance after transaction” shows a positive value, cointracker is still telling me I have insufficient funds for that transaction… they also won’t respond to my refund requests. Pretty sure they just don’t exist.

I’m afraid that my manual transactions will mess everything up, IF cointracker finally gets themselves together and is able to capture transactions properly. I’ve noticed they don’t like quickbuys from Binancee US, and good luck getting it to talk to Kraken properly at all.


I have noticed that some of the issues seem to be caused by transactions coming in out of order due to an apparent time zone issue. In any case they better fix it soon or I will be forced to move to the competition and demand a refund for the useless tax report.

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+1 I’m also experiencing this issue.

FWIW, I was able to resolve this issue by deleting and re-adding my BTC wallet on Cointracker. I followed the instructions here: