How to import Binance Margin trades in Cointracker's CSV format


I know the Margin sync was disabled almost a year ago, but I do need to get my margin trades into Cointracker.

I’ve downloaded several Binance transactions as CSV files but import into Cointracker has to be a specific CSV format.
E.g. the regular binance transaction file has entries such as
“987654,2021-09-05 04:18:23,CrossMargin,Margin loan,USDT,12345.5678”
“987654,2021-09-06 12:03:27,CrossMargin,Margin Repayment,USDT,-23456.789,”

And then I have the actual trade transactions in separate files from Binance, one for crossmargin and one for isolated.

There are no instructions on how to map these Binance CSV entries to the Cointracker format. E.g. how should these loan and repayment be marked in the Cointracker CSV.

Hope someone can help!

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