How to import KuCoin into your CoinTracker account

Thank you for that clarification. Man, I hope Kucoin gets it together. Acquiring the full transaction history is not only a pain but inaccurate. I tweeted at them but didn’t get the most helpful response. I’ve been in contact with their support team to get the full history directly from them vs downloading multiple csvs that are missing transactions from their website. Hopefully they will deliver.

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To be honest I don’t think they will do anything…
It’s same issue with OKEx. It pulls only 3 months of history.

Once it is set up in CoinTracker you don’t need to do anything.
I set it up in April/May and it seems to work fine.

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Only one of my supplemental CSV files that I upload for Kucoin works. The other one refuses to be added and tells me that it Failed to parse CSV. Any ideas?

Could you please try following this guide to reformat your CSV?

I figured it out. The video and guide seems to be wrong. They show Date Received | Quantity Received |Currency | Sent Quantity | Currency |Fee Amount | Fee Currency | Tag

I had to change Currency to Received Currency, and the other Currency to Sent Currency. Finally got it working.

I also have an issue with time stamps. The exchanged must be in another time zone but time stamps from the exchange and block chain are not matching. It caused certain transactions to come before other ones which was not the case. And the result was negative balances in wallets?


Glad to hear that you got this working! You can use Received Currency or Currency and Sent Currency or Currency as headers for those columns.

We’re also tracking a task to make time zones uniform.

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For the withdrawals, when changin the format, should I add the amount in the ‘Received Quantity’ or ‘Sent Quantity’

So I am having similar issues. You can’t actually get the proper .CSV for trades AFTER February 18, 2019 from www. It is not in your guide, but you must fetch all relevant data from
I am trying to import a bunch of trades and ‘MAIN > TRADING’ account transfers from 2019. I have the .CSV files but they do not import into Cointracker’s Kucoin trade history import function. It says “FAILED TO PARSE CSV”.

As a side note, the times are all wrong in the CSV because my timezone is not the same as Cointracker’s. But I see in another thread this is being worked on.

I had dust on Kucoin and did something dumb. Instead of trading a bunch of coins and selling them I did the convert all option on all coins to sell all coins and buy the Kucoin token. Well it’s messed up my balance tracking on my account and none of the trades are tracked with the convert option, can someone help?

I am having the similar issue. I am unable to sync my transactions from Kucoin. I successfully linked the Wallet to Cointracker but it seems that was the easy part and the only thing that works…
My transactions are all less than 3 months old as well so it should be working based on this thread right?? It keeps saying ‘‘updating’’ when I hit ‘‘sync wallet’’ then nothing happens. When I log out and return to Cointracker, it says that my Kucoin account was ‘‘never updated’’ Honestly, both Kucoin and Cointracker need to do better. I even reached out to Cointracker twitter and no help yet.
We cannot pay hundreds of dollars to Cointracker and then still have to manually edit our spreadsheets 3 months at a time for thousands of transactions. That is not feasible…

I’m trying to upload my CSVs for previous trades on KuCoin, and it keeps saying failed to parse CSV. Says the headers are wrong, but my CSV matches the template EXACTLY. What is going on? I don’t want to have to manually input all my transactions, and if that’s what it comes to, I’ll just go use a different service.

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Make sure the top header matches exactly including Upper case and lower case, spacing and spelling. I will seperate each column with brackets | |

|Date| |Received Quantity| |Received Currency| |Sent Quantity| |Sent Currency| |Fee Amount| |Fee Currency| |Tag|

Having the same issue as some others. “Failed to parse CSV” - I even went to the link below, downloaded the Sample .CSV so make sure I had the spelling, format, everything correct. And it’s still failing?

Link: Convert any CSV into the CoinTracker CSV format

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I’m also having issues with failing to parse. I’ve repeatedly checked formatting and cases for hours

The fact that theres no updated video on how to do our transaction history is disappointing. I am going nuts trying to figure out what I am doing wrong for this transaction history. This product is suppose to be helping me but it isn’t. I know you blame Kucoin for the problems but where are the bandage soultions other then me spending all day in excel fitting your exact format.

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Can we get anyone from cointracker to respond?

I’m having the same issue. Transactions in the Cointracker .csv format are not importing and I’m getting an error that says “Failed to parse CSV. The CSV does not have any transaction rows.”
Any solution to this problem yet?

again, can we get anyone from cointracker to respond???

Another week and no one has responded back to help us.

Some nuances I found while debugging the CSV import for KuCoin.

  1. For coins like BSV, Kucoin uses the symbol BCHSV. So need to change symbol from BCHSV to BSV.

  2. CoinTracker wants the date format in mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss

  3. Also need to double check that the numbers are not in scientific format