How to import SOL DEFI via CSV

I thought I would share something I found on reddit that may help you on your journey for tracking SOL transactions.

Check this out:

It’s free and it will turn your SOL address into a CSV that in theory should be able to be imported into Cointracker as a new wallet. Then of course you would need to match up all your transactions you sent and received coins from and to this wallet to your other exchanges and wallets. I have not imported mine yet but thought this might help some of my fellow frustrated friends stuck with years of data on Cointracker.

Here are the instructions for Cointracker:

I have searched high and low for the import CSV link in

Thank the crypto gods for because they actually provided the instructions on how to import a CSV.

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I’m happy to hear it helped!
When I found, I was like: “Holy crap I can actually do my taxes this year” lmao

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