How to manage Celsius Loan Entry in CoinTracker

Hi - during 2021, I took a loan from celsius, took the assets and purchased additional crypto - then sold that crypto and paid off the loan - so the loan was opened and closed this year.

The API doesn’t pull in the loan, so I’m wondering if anyone can provide guidance on how they are managing this?

Did you add an entry as a trade for the loan, or possibly just ignore everything about the loan since it isn’t taxable? (But I imagine the resulting crypto purchases are…)

Any help is appreciated!

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This missing feature is a huge pain and incorrectly calculates my portfolio performance.

I’m wondering the exact same thing. Has anyone found a solution? I think the loan interest can be added to the cost basis but you’d have to go in an manually change everything.

I have a similar question here [ USDC Loan Repayment Entry ] and hoping for an answer from the community or Chandan.