How to manually create a "short" transaction?

I’m trying to import my Binance Futures transactions. I’m stuck.
Basic question: how do we create a short position in CoinTracker so it calculates the p/l correctly? I mean, in a short position, we sell before to buy.

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I found this article:

I tried to import my Binance Futures transactions like in the Bitmex Futures example in the picture of the article. It doesn’t work. Here’s a snapshot:


  • How do we create Binance Futures transactions in CoinTracker?!?
  • I get an exclamation mark at the left of a transaction marked as margin “This is a margin position which does not affect your account balances.” What does that mean? As far as I know, I need to transfer USDT in my Binance Futures account to create a position.
  • Why the Cointraccker csv import doesn’t support “margin”, “margin loss” and “margin gain”? Will I have to tag each of them manually?

Any chance we can get some love here from the support team? I can write a script to parse my trades from various exchanges, but coinTracker needs to give me the ability to (A) tag a trade as margin, and (B) also to tag a transaction as “margin trading loss” or “margin trading gain”. Right now I have to do “A” manually, and I can’t do “B” at all!