How to mark "need review" transactions as fixed

After reviewing a transaction tagged with “need review”, how do mark the error as fixed so that I can work through my long list of transactions that need review?

Here is an example transaction where I deposited 100 DAI into Compound:

  1. “This purchase has a quantity of 0”. I don’t understand why +0 ETH is even showing up here? I tried to “ignore” it, but the error persists. Any advice?

  2. “Could not determine the cost basis of this purchase - assuming a cost basis of $0.00.” Since I am essentially trading DAI for cDAI, I would expect that CoinTracker would be capable of calculating this? Am I misunderstanding how cost basis works? The dropdown under “+ 99.36373675 dDai” also does not have the “edit cost basis” option.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Great points; we are going to work on fixing the 0 ETH contract execution lines and make editing basis on multi-token transactions available.