How to mark "need review" transactions as fixed

After reviewing a transaction tagged with “need review”, how do mark the error as fixed so that I can work through my long list of transactions that need review?

Here is an example transaction where I deposited 100 DAI into Compound:

  1. “This purchase has a quantity of 0”. I don’t understand why +0 ETH is even showing up here? I tried to “ignore” it, but the error persists. Any advice?

  2. “Could not determine the cost basis of this purchase - assuming a cost basis of $0.00.” Since I am essentially trading DAI for cDAI, I would expect that CoinTracker would be capable of calculating this? Am I misunderstanding how cost basis works? The dropdown under “+ 99.36373675 dDai” also does not have the “edit cost basis” option.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Great points; we are going to work on fixing the 0 ETH contract execution lines and make editing basis on multi-token transactions available.

Hi @Chandan, how is the progress going on what to do with “Contract Executions”? My concern is that, in CoinTracker, they do not alter one’s running ETH balance…

Say one had 0.1 ETH and a Contract Execution (such as approving a token on an exchange) occurs and incurs a ETH fee of 0.005. The running balance of one’s wallet should then show 0.995 ETH, but CoinTracker does not do this. The balance stays the same.

Doesn’t that affect cost basis and returns later down the line when that user sends or transacts with that ETH?

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