How to Mark transaction as a sell?

My imported transactions, I think specifically to Nexo, seem to be incorrect. My portfolio is showing 4x what I actually have.

Back in March there were margin call sells but they are marked as a transfer so I guess the system thinks I still own that ETH and BTC when, in fact, I do not.

I do not see a way to mark an imported transaction as a sell.

I modified the transaction from like BTC to ETH to USD but with no wallet. Is there a specific thing I have to do to make it known to be a sell.

it should also calc a cost basis because it was a loss and margin call, unfortunately.

Could you please send us a screenshot of the issue so we can take a look? If you made any manual edits, please undo them.

I’ll send a screenshot. What is weird is that in my wallets view it shows the data accurately but in the dashboard it shows I have 4x what I actually have.