How To Mark Transferred Lolli Transactions

Hi friends,

Noob question here! So I’ve imported a Lolli wallet into my portfolio, and everything looks good (all the transactions are correct, etc).

The thing is — it shows up in my portfolio as “BTC that I own”, but I exported all of that BTC to Bittrex (and there is a corresponding transaction in my Bittrex wallet, so that’s all good). To put it another way, those Lolli BTC earnings were transferred to Bittrex (and then I probably used that BTC to purchase something else …). I would like to mark those Lolli transactions as “something” so that they don’t show up in my portfolio balance (because I don’t have them anymore). Or to put it another way, if I mark them all as “transfer”, does that mean they aren’t counted in my portfolio anymore?

What do you recommend I label them as? I want to preserve those transactions for tax purposes, but I don’t want them showing up in my actual BTC portfolio count.


Hey @planetcrypto, do you have a transaction from the Lolli CSV showing the withdrawal of the BTC? If not, could you please add one manually? That should resolve the issue.

Okay, thanks @Chandan! We can close this out.

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