How to migrate to the upgraded Bittrex integration

CoinTracker has upgraded its integration with Bittrex to make it seamless (no more CSVs required!). If you see Bittrex (deprecated) on your wallets page, that means that you can upgrade the integration (if it doesn’t say deprecated, that means you are already on the new integration).

To migrate to the new integration:

  1. Head to the wallets page and find Bittrex (deprecated):

  1. Click the Migrate now button. This will create a new Bittrex wallet with your complete transaction history over all time (deposits, withdrawals, trades — full history).

  2. Head back to the wallets page and find the original Bittrex (deprecated) wallet

  3. Use the dropdown to select > Remove Exchange

That’s it — you’re all done! All your historical Bittrex transactions and future Bittrex transactions will automatically sync to CoinTracker from now on.