How to track Cardano ADA moved from Exchanges to Yoroi/Ledger wallet?

I have a Ledger wallet with Cardano/ADA app installed, connected to the Yoroi wallet. I’ve completed a few transfer from the exchanges to the Yoroi/Ledger wallet and want to get those transfers tracked on cointracker - don’t want the IRS thinking I sold ADA :slight_smile: . Can someone please provide more details as to how to get those transfers tracked in Cointracker? Do I have to enter each one of the addresses (one for each transfer) in cointracker as a separate “Ledger-ADA” wallet?? HELP!!


Here’s how to add Ledger to CoinTracker. You can also add pre-Shelley (latest version of Cardano) addresses via our public address add wallet page:

We are working on supporting the new Shelley addresses for Yoroi and we’ll let you know as soon as those are supported. In the meantime, you can manually add those transactions or add them via CSV if you need an immediate solution.

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Any update on Yoroi + Shelley ADA Wallet support for Cointracker? Would be a great addition!

Agreed! We’re currently limited by the fact that IOHK doesn’t easily make ADA HD addresses easily exportable from Yoroi and Daedalus. Since Cardano is a UTXO based chain, there’s not a lot we can do here until they expose these. We are tracking this feature nonetheless.

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i need to do my taxes and can’t figure out how to transfer from Yoroi to Cointracker. can somebody help?