How to track providing liquidity on Uniswap

You blog posts on DeFi were extremely helpful:

However, the CoinTracker Product doesn’t seem to be able to accurately classify transactions where I have provided liquidity to the Uniswap protocol. Do I need to manually modify a transaction in order to take “position 1” that you described in “Adding Liquidity & Receiving UNI-V1 Token on Uniswap”?

I found a helpful video on your YouTube channel that shows how to do this with staking, but providing liquidity on Uniswap is a bit more complicated. I attempted a manual fix by ignoring both transactions involving the receiving + sending of the UNI-V1 token. I then added a custom trade transaction that accounts for my losses and gains between ETH and the ERC20 token. I also added up the gas costs from the two ignored transactions. Am I doing it right? Do you plan to add more automatic support for these types of transactions? :slight_smile:

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We just started rolling out support for this for the top 10 UNI tokens and more coming soon! We’ll keep you posted on this request.

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Here’s a solution to manually edit transactions in order to record them as deposits/withdrawals, How To Label Liquidity Pool Entry/Exit As Deposit/Withdraw?.

A great feature is to automate this process, outlined here, How To Edit Liquidity Pool Entry/Exit As Deposit/Withdraw? | Tax | CoinTracker.