I cannot download the CSV files

I cannot download the CSV files…it only saves the website itself when I click the download button, for this purposed I paid the 35EUR just to get the files. Can you fix the same, thanks.

Hi there,

Sometimes, depending on the number of transactions, the exporting to a csv file can take long. Please could you wait 15-30 seconds after left-clicking download. The right-click save as doesn’t work.

Please let us know if you don’t see if even after a minute or so!

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Hey thats not the issue when it finishes it only offers to save as html…see picture it never allows me to save as csv doesnt matter if right or left clickcointracker2019-save

Hi @sagasu, thank you for your patience. Our Transaction History CSVs do not follow that naming convention (they are not simply called “2019”) so there may be another issue on your machine. Can you try clearing your browser cache & cookies, quitting your browser, then restarting & retrying? Thanks!