I paid for 2020 taxes and still can't get a response from support

I am a paying customer. I paid for 2020 taxes (highest fixed plan actually). It worries me that I may not get decent support in the future if I do purchase for 2021 but, for sure, if I don’t hear back this time, I have to find a different service for my 2021 taxes.

I wonder if I need to have paid for 2021 taxes or a current portfolio plan in order to get any support at all, even a pricing request. If I do, that really bugs me and makes me feel I need to look elsewhere.

I first reached out on October 14th, then followed up again on October 18th, October 22nd and then November 17th and I still haven’t heard back.

Here is my original message that I would like an answer to:

I am wondering about the unlimited tax plan… I think I want the CPA consultation that comes with Unlimited but need to know more about it. Is it a one-time, one hour consultation or what? It will depend on if I choose Unlimited or Premium.

Thank you for the info and please provide a way for me to purchase unlimited if I choose to.

Thank you,


Reaching out in direct message here to assist @Tballz