I paid for your service and now you want more money to use it

I paid $199 for your service and am just starting out in crypto. Now I find out that I have to pay an additional $190 a month to actually use it. I have nothing but losses since I started 3 months ago. Why should I keep paying you?

CoinTracker has two major services

  1. tax compliance
  2. portfolio tracking

They are priced separately.

Happy to help!

We have two different products, as was mentioned in the previous reply. (Thank your AP!) Neither of them are priced at $190/month so I suspect there might be some confusion we can help with.

Our tax service is priced per tax year and based on the number of transactions in that year. This product produces a capital gains report for filing that individual year’s taxes. (That means buying the 2020 tax plan does not give you access to 2021 taxes.)

Another common confusion we see with tax plans is folks buying a plan before they’ve connected all of their wallets or exchanges. Our plans are based on transaction tiers, so adding more wallets can put you into a higher plan.

Our portfolio tracker, which gives you live insights into your current investments, is a monthly service.

Does that help get you pointed in the right direction?

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