Imcorrect coin value or scam tokens

There are so many tokens or coins whatever you wanna call them that come in and out of cryptocurrency everyday and some might show we have made thousands even though we actually lost thousands of our money to scams. This is why the government needs to stop trying to keep tabs our buying and selling of every single crypto, I understand that they want to make money if we made money but they only will make up for -$3000 in losses. Thats BULLCRAP. Thats not enough, I have lost ten times that much. But if I made over $3000 they will take every penny they can. Unfair. Just ranting and raving i guess. Government needs to stay out of crypto. It’s just too much for them to obviously track when they can’t simply identify a scam or when a token migrates addresses. No I didnt make money. I lost money. I am not paying the IRS for something that I did not make.