Import BlockFi CSV - Full Import vs Date Range

I imported my BlockFi wallet via CSV in February and am now trying to update the wallet with new transactions. Per the instructions on the import page, I did not select a date range and imported the entire transactions CSV. It appears now that I have 2 different BlockFi wallets (different GUIDs in the URLs) and duplicate transactions. I tried deleting all the old transactions, but I cannot delete 2020 transactions, which makes sense since they are presumably tied to tax transactions from last year. So then I have all my 2020 transactions in the old wallet, so I tried deleting the 2020 transactions from the new wallet, which worked all except 1 which I can’t seem to delete. This is a bit of a mess - what’s the best way to clean all of this up?

I’ve experienced the exact same thing @MikeDinSF . Cointracker support – is there a solution to this issue or best practice advice?

I’ve been advised by Cointracker support to delete the BlockFi wallet and then reimport the full CSV.