Importing CSV files

I would like to move my tansactions from cointracking info to your system. If I was to export my data from their Trade List (Full View) (up to 20 columns) to a csv, excel … file would I be able to import it to your program? (5-6k transactions)

Thanks J.I.

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Hi @Jiris, thanks for reaching out - yes you can certainly import all of your transactions from to your CoinTracker account.

To do so, please follow these directions and upload your file here:

Why is the link provided redirecting me to I need to import a csv file.

Hi @jessob,

We use one streamlined add wallets page for exchanges, wallets, and CSVs.

Note: for switching over from CoinTracking, the easiest way to do so is by connecting the underlying wallets and exchanges (instead of uploading a CoinTracking CSV file).

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