Importing csv from cashapp

got my csv from cashapp, did something change from last year, I was not able to import it,saw the article on importing from cashapp, but the fields dont seem to match, does cash app have an api? or do we add via the csv?

I had to delete that wallet, need to re-add it asap for this years taxes.

disregard this message, was able to import, but numbers are wrong

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If you are still seeing issues here, could you please send us a fresh, unedited copy of your Cash App CSV?


Thanks for reaching out…

Yes, still having issues, here’s what happened…

My balance about 3 weeks ago on the app was about $450, I then deleted my old cash app wallet info created and imported about a year ago, reimported a fresh one, synced the wallets, check the cointracker balance, said it was about $850, that cannot be right, when I’m looking right at my balance in the app, so I did it a second time and same result.

The numbers might be a few dollars off, but not $400 off.

I typically only use “cash app” to buy btc, then send it to 1 of 2 wallets, either my ledger or exodus. I usually just keep 0.01 btc in that wallet most of the time.


(Attachment cash_app_report.csv is missing)

here is the zip file

(Attachment is missing)

Tried to send you the csv and a zip of the csv, keeps saying the file is rejected, now what?

I went to the support site and was able to upload the file as a zip which has the csv in it. Please let me know that you have received it.