Importing/Manually inputting Kraken Margin trades

I am having to go back and restate my 2017 taxes, and do my 2018 and 2019 taxes. For the most part I’m getting everything input without issues, but my Kraken API is only pulling data from 2-6-2018 until now. This is not a problem with your site, as I cannot see older data in my history on Kraken either, though I can manually download the older data. My problem is that I have about 40 transactions that are Margin, Rollover, or Settled that I cannot seem to import no matter how I format the CSV file. How do I get these transactions into Cointracker?

Hi @LukeBlodgett- thanks for reaching out. Our CSV integration does not support margin trading (it’s pretty messy to import via CSV).

Have you tried syncing the wallets from your Wallets Page

I’m deleting the Kraken exchange and re-adding it with a new API key. I’ll see if that allows the sync to happen this time or not. Thanks!

Alright, so I deleted the Kraken account and then re-added it. It again pulled all transactions from 2-5-2018 until now. It did not pull transactions from 6-01-2017 to 2-4-2018, and I do have a few margin trades. I can go ahead and manually create a CSV for this time period and input all of the trades, but the margin portion is going to be impossible. What should I do about those margin trades?

Hi @LukeBlodgett,

Could you please ping us on support chat so we can take a look at why the full history of Kraken transactions aren’t automatically syncing?

Sure can. I’ll try hitting up chat now

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Any update on this? I’m running into really needing to get my Kraken transactions input from June 2017 to February 5th 2018. They tie so heavily into my 2017 taxes.


Hi @LukeBlodgett,

Thanks for your patience. We should get back to your support ticket soon

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