Improper Cost basis

I bought all 6 of my Bitcoins on Coinbase. I transferred 3 to Coinbase Pro to pay a lower commission fee. However, Cointracker reported my basis as the spot price of Bitcoin when I made the transfer, which is obviously incorrect. How can Cointracker fix this?


The same is happening to me but with Uniswap. Cost basis is showing the CURRENT value but not the value at the time of the transaction.

$10K USDT in a trade should not show a cost basis of $19k (current value) for the receiving currency. It should be roughly $10k with a nearly 100% return. Please advise.

Surprise, no response. @Chandan ??

I have the same issue. For all uniswap transactions, the cost basis is showing the current value and not the value at the time of the transaction. I have corrected some manually but this is very time consuming. Any fix soon?

I have the same problem. Most Uniswap Transactions are messed up and I don’t understand how to edit them. It only lets me add a “fee” to each coin in the transaction. I’ve sent in two support tickets. Probably going to ask for a refund and try a different service.

Uniswap support is now in beta (v2, multi-token transactions, and top 10 pools are all live with the rest coming). If you have a pending support ticket open, thanks for your patience we’re working on them around the clock and we will get back to you.

For Coinbase — this should automatically work normally if you add Coinbase and Coinbase Pro and remove manual edits you may have made. If you have already done that and are still seeing issues, please contact us with a screenshot of the problem.