Improvement to Exchanges filter on Transactions page

Hi there,

A couple of suggested improvements for the new exchange filter:

Sort order
When using the Exchanges filter on the Transactions page, the list of wallets under each exchange doesn’t seem to be sorted in any meaningful order (e.g. alphabetical), which makes it difficult to locate the wallet I’m looking for on the list.

List size
In the case of Binance, the list of wallets is extremely long and very difficult to navigate. It might be better to have a limit on the height of the dropdown list and make the list itself scrollable instead of having to scroll down the page itself to get to the bottom of the list.

Alternative, it might be better to only show the exchange wallets that a user actually has instead of showing all the wallets a given exchange has to offer even though they’re not on the transaction history or user account.

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@Macrike great points — we will work on improving this UX