IMX - Immutable X Error

Immutable X token not showing up correct. I adjusted the transaction manually, but still not showing proper value and wallet still shows the wrong coin.

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I’m pretty sure I figured out the problem, it’s that there’s another token called “Impact” that has the same ticker symbol, IMX. I added my own question about it here: Immutable X ticker "IMX" incorrectly maps to "Impact" token

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I’ve had this problem before with other coins. Have the time if you adjust the transaction to the correct coin, it works, but this one it still is mapping to that “Impact” token in the wallet. 100% a bug that needs to be fixed on supports end. Hopefully soon - its been awhile now.

Is there any update on this support? Support are you there? Support?


Helloooo is the support team actually out there somewhere??

I’ve now encountered another instance of a very similar bug here: Fantom (FTM) Token in Metamask not being recognized

It’s been 4 months! You guys need to fix your broken-ass app!