In "See all assets", does the "Oops..." message refer to above or below

Hi there.

In Portfolio, Performance, See all assets, I’m seeing an error in the middle of my list of assets:

Oops, this doesn't look right. See our FAQ for possible reasons.

Does the error message refer to the asset above it, or below it, or neither of the above? I’m struggling to see (with the help of the FAQ) what’s wrong with my data, so it would be useful to know which asset is to blame. I’ve obviously looked at both assets around the error already, but I can drink some extra-strong coffee and target my analysis more narrowly if I know exactly which one is to blame.

It would also be super-helpful if instead of saying “this doesn’t look right”, it said “there’s an inconsistency in asset X, starting from date Y, contained in wallet Z”. Maybe even with a link to a log file and an offer to chat with a support team member about how the problem can be solved.


Hi @robr,

It refers to the row above it (sorry for the lack of clarity). We’ll work on making the note more specific & actionable. For the meantime, please ensure that none of these apply to your account. If you can’t figure it out, please message us at feedback [at] with permission to take a look at your CoinTracker account.

Good luck! :coffee:

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Thanks Chandan, message sent to that address. Nice touch with the emoji, BTW.

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Thanks for sorting this.

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