Inaccurate USD & USDC Tracking

Just connected coinbase pro and coinbase to new cointracker account w/per asset tracking and 2021 tax accounting. Looking at per asset performance and I see USDC with numbers that make no sense to me.

|USD Coin


0.0035 USDC|$2.20

$628.57 per USDC|$1,000.00|$997.80|-$2.20 -0.22%

any explanation? the .0035 is correct. USDC is $1 for $1 correct?

EDIT: On Coinbase I have not had a loss on USDC as CoinTrack performance states I lost $2.20.

OK then…If I can’t get support answers here then WHERE? Is this thing a subsidiary of Coinbase? They ignore folks too. Great way to treat a NEWBIE that bought your services! Thanks for the support!

ONCE AGAIN, how do I lose money on a dollar for dollar conversion according to your calculations? IF I knew the answer, I WOULDN’T ASK!

Did you ever get an answer. I see this has never been resolved and I have same issue. Somehow I lost $630 on a 1 to 1 conversion.

NOPE…no answers…never are…I guess if you can’t enlighten with brilliance or baffle with bullsh!t, you simply don’t say anything. This process seems to be the typical SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for ANY support from ANYONE these days. Good Luck.

They must be super busy with tax season right around the corner.

I think the reason why any stablecoin output is a mess is because the data itself is not very clean… if you look at the charts for USDC or USDT, it’s not a linear line, it’s has slight variations. This is probably the cause.

I’ve yet to find a way around this other than swapping the stablecoin for the fiat variant. Just add a note in the notes section, so on export you can easily see and track this in the spreadsheet.

It’s its pretty ridiculous. The amounts match 1 to 1 on in and out but somehow calculates differently. I’ve got one for just over $1000 and shows i lost $600. Thats not minor fluctuations thats huge. I’m paying for this service so waiting over a month seems out of line. They must share support with coinbase :wink:

I figure as long as I get exactly what i put in. If they want to show a loss, fine, because that’s a loss directly off my income on taxes…so you get a 600 deduction off any profits you make even tho you didn’t really lose 600. Lol. I think we might see some changes in how all this stuff is calculated especially when the IRS starts getting short-changed.

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