Inconsistency in Gemini/Coinbase Selling Transactions, Net/Gross Proceeds


I noticed that the Coinbase and Gemini selling transactions are not consistent with each other.

When one sells on Coinbase, Cointracker shows the transaction as $xxx per $COIN, with a $xxx fee. Meaning, it shows the net proceeds in the first amount, and the fee in the second amount (selling expenses).

However, when one sells on Gemini, although the transaction format looks the same, the amounts are not correct. In fact, it looks like the first amount is instead the gross amount, while the fee is still the second amount.

Based on how it seems like Cointracker calculates capital gains and losses, I believe its the Gemini transactions that are incorrect, since its calculating ‘double fees’, and essentially ‘inflating’ the final proceeds amount. But, tbh, I’m not sure how Cointracker is supposed to calculate it; I’m assuming Coinbase is correct here, given the popularity of the platform.

Either way, between Coinbase and Gemini selling transactions, one of them is incorrect, and I would love to be able to not have to manually adjust it!

Thanks in advance!