Incorrect GBP conversion? All prices in GBP seem too high by about 2.5% consistently

As title, scouting through the prices in GBP for different tokens compared to CoinGecko consistently shows a higher GBP price on CoinTracker by about ~2.5%+. I think this is then resulting in overestimation of returns. I assume the conversion to GBP is incorrect?

I’ve noticed this and posted something similar. I’m also having issues with stable coin tracking.

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Just adding my voice to this one too. This seems to be quite a serious issue that needs addressing urgently, as it would suggest that cost basis calculations are based on significant errors in the currency conversion rates. If that’s the case this could have a major impact on the accuracy of calculations submitted in tax filings. Hope that someone from CoinTracker can look into this and reply as soon as possible because if I’m right it kind of negates the whole point of using CoinTracker for this purpose.


Is this the issue you are seeing? If so, please go ahead and upvote so we can automatically notify you once we have an update.

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Thanks Chandan, yeah that’s right. I have upvoted the issue. :slight_smile:

Just adding my upvote for this too

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