Incorrect Tax Report

Having paid for a tax report, i now find it is incorrect, anyone else had this problem? Please see the screen capture, i assume i am right in saying that…

Gains in the year, before losses +£21,693.52 minus Losses in the year +£3,134.47 should equal
Net capital gains/losses +£15,279.07…But obviously they don’t in my case!

Don’t want to ask for a refund, but a incorrect tax report is about as useful as not having one!..Any help welcome, don’t seem to ever get a reply or any help via messaging the customer service at Cointracker.


I have found that the capital gain .CSV download, does not contain any self created, so called Custom Tokens or values, why are these being omitted from a tax report? Anyone else had this problem? Cointracker can you please integrate Custom Tokens into your tax reports, anyone who has Custom Tokens and pays for a report, will be getting a incorrect tax equation…Unless it’s just my account…:slight_smile:

Hi @Vialli53
Can I ask what custom tokens you have? I had some stable coins but switched them to supported ones. Just wondering if they still need to be custom?

The custom tokens i have are not supported.

Regards John.

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Thanks for the report; we’re tracking this issue here.