Incorrect value of BTT(OLD) in kucoin wallet

Hey y’all. I just imported my Kucoin wallet and I have Bittorrent coin. Well, now I have just learned that BTT was forked into a new coin. My BTT is now called BTTOLD on Kucoin. Kucoin has never sent out any information about this new upgrade to the coin and they did not automatically switch it. I have looked this issue up and there seems to be no answer. Kucoin is a horrible exchange for these things and never reply to anybody support tickets regarding this. Anyways, cointracker is showing I have $25,000 worth of this coin but its actually only like $27.00. I wish it were the opposite but it is not. I need to do my taxes and I don’t want the IRS thinking I actually made that much money because I actually took a nice large chunk of LOSS on this one. Did anybody else experience this or know how I fix it? Sorry I am new to CoinTracker and though I have searched the forums I cant find any real information on how to fix this. I do think its kind of messed up that out of all my exchanges, I have only done crypto trades, not fiat cash outs. I know the IRS considers crypto trades taxable events. But the only crypto to fiat trades I have done was on PayPal. Also, since this is the case, can I just report the PayPal only? And just mess with the exchanges crypto trades next year?
Thank so much and thank you for welcoming me to the community.

Did you ever find a way to resolve this?

Please resolve this issue. There are a number of threads.

Can you point me on where you got info or help to get this resolved, I am yaving the exact same issue thanks in advance

Honestly, I just traded the token and didn’t report my exchange trades since I didn’t transfer any money to fiat. I’m just gonna report it all next year. Sorry I wish I could give you more help. Honestly, cointracker needs to fix this if you ask me. They need to get ahold of Kucoin and get the right price and under bttold not btt. Kucoin is also horrible for not transferring price of our old coins to the new contract or for not even giving us a heads up. Exchanges usually do that. I dunno if kucoin is to blame or the devs of the coins. But its bull. Also, for certain situations, cuz ive had a few, the goverment needs to understand crypto market isnt just a buy and sell market, there are so many factors that can come into play. Them thinking we can EASILY, be taxed on cryptocurrencies is bull. There are some complicated situations and there needs to be an entirely different taxation on this that lets you add notes for certain situations. They treat it like the stock market, though its not. Ive lost so much money gambling in the crypto market and yet they think ive made millions because of their simple view towards it. Sorry had to get that off my chest. Anyways, wish I could help more. Good luck to you all