“Insignificant value” hiding tokens of significant value

Prior to signing up for CoinTracker (CT) earlier this week, I held VRA in MetaMask (MM). Upon adding my MM wallet into CT, I saw several of those MM holdings listed properly and was happy, but only now did a side-by-side comparison and see that VRA is not listed in my CT Portfolio. I have hit Sync Wallets a few times yesterday and today, no change.

In that process, I noticed the “show all assets” window hides tokens with “insignificant value” and if I expand that, I see my VRA token listed there. Admittedly, VRA is not one of my larger positions, but it’s still 10,000+ tokens and $100+ USD, so I wouldn’t consider that an “insignificant value” especially when some of my airdrops into that MM wallet are 1/10 the value and they get displayed in my Portfolio tab.

What is the “insignificant value” threshold for getting an asset moved up into the main Portfolio view?

Having the identical problem here. Specifically AGIX and VRA “automatically hidden” because they are somehow of “insignificant value” despite their $ value being much larger than certain other investments that are not hidden (i.e., SDAO and C3). AGIX and VRA appear in the hidden area along with the exact amount I own but without their USD value, which is throwing my portfolio value off by thousands of dollars. This makes CoinTracker unusable for taxes.

Is there a fix for this?