iPhone App not allowing login

I was logged out of my iPhone CoinTracker app. Once I logged back in, a message appears:

CoinTracker wants to use “expo.io” to sign in.

You get two options - Cancel or Continue.

If you continue, then it goes back to the sign in page of the app. Does not allow me to log in.

Please help.


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Having this problem too. So many bugs, sure would be nice to get a response to my support tickets.

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Same issue for me. Trying to sign in via. the “Continue with Coinbase” option in the iOS CoinTracker app.

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I thought it was two factor authentication, therefore I turned it off but that did not work. Still keeps looping back to the “sign in” / “get started now” page. Doesn’t allow to log in. Attempts to the “expo.io” for some reason and then goes back to the “sign in” / “get started now” page. Can we get support for this issue? Not an isolated issue. Other users are having the same issue. The app should not have this issue.

Same issue here. Hopefully, they get it resolved soon!

Same here, can’t get back in on phone

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry about the issue you are all facing!

We are aware that the in-app log-in is not working properly for some users on iOS devices. Our team is actively investigating this issue and we will update you as soon as we find a solution. In the meantime, you can continue to use CoinTracker through our website, using your browser.

Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you very much for the update.

Update: Our engineering team has fixed the issue and you should now be able to log in via the CoinTracker app without any problems. Before logging in, be sure to close the CoinTracker app completely and then relaunch it.

Thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve this. If you need further assistance, I am happy to help.