Is anyone on the support team responding to this board or anywhere else?

Hi there,

I have tried contacting support multiple times via the online form, email, and this board over the last 11 days and I still have not received a single response.

Is anyone actually working there?

Since nobody helped me in a timely fashion and I was unable to use the site for the reason I need to can someone tell me how I can request a refund?

Thank you.


It’s hit or miss bro, sometimes they respond on the forum but not much lately, I haven’t heard back from an online form support request in months… I honestly don’t understand what is going on with these guys I’m about to send them another, but I’m not too hopeful of a response at this point.


I am not getting any responses either. I wonder how much I can trust the numbers provided if they never respond to any questions about bugs in their system.


I don’t think anyone looks at these forums… very frustrating.


Cointracker just does not have support! This is a mess


I pay extra per month for priority support, and I still have a hard time getting someone to respond to my issue that’s been open for many weeks now.


I am new to cointracker and have sent a few emails to support and received no answer. It is pretty pathetic that all I read here in the forum is that support is unresponsive and only provides excuses that they are overwhelmed and improving staffing. If they weren’t ready for prime time and could not support the product they shouldn’t be charging a fee until they are ready to properly support the product.


Yup. There is no support whatsoever, none, nada, even though the Potfolio Tracking subscription includes email support.
I am wondering is the product is trust worthy. Is anyone maintaining it? Are the numbers reliable?




On trial, and like the solution, but it’s buggy and no response from support. :frowning:

Won’t be signing up.

Seems like everything I want to do, I either have to upgrade my account, or buy some new subscription. Wouldn’t be bad if things worked, but it seems like there are always bugs and support is quite lacking…

Support is not “quite lacking”, it is non existant.

I’m paying for the subscription which states that it includes support and I’m not even getting support, last year they claimed they were “overwhelmed” now I don’t even know anymore, is not as if they’re not making any money with the product, wish there were more alternatives, hopeful for next year.

Actually there is. Taxbit is a good alternative, although they do not give performance data yet. Amazing support. If Cointracker had support like Taxbit, they would have the total package.

Based on the “about” page, there are 5 people on the “support” team. Four of them haven’t posted on here in months. One of them last posted in early November. I was going to try the free trial to the subscription. After seeing this board, no way I’m authorizing a recurring charge on my credit card from this company. I already paid for the tax report, which is supposed to be accessible later this year. I won’t hold my breath.

Damn shame… This is what automation does to people…