Is Cointracker supporting this product anymore?

No response on support tickets. No response on this forum? What’s going on??


I just finished mine, but a 12+ hour wait for cost basis recomputation for every batch of corrections made using the platform challenging this year. I hope they solve scaling and customer support in time for next tax season. This year was a shit show.

Don’t bother I have support tickets 8 months old and they still haven’t responded even after repeated follow ups. They would rather hire more developers for this product then support people. It nuts. You will never hear anything back from them. I would suggest either Taxbit, or Koinly. I tried it for free at first to see before I paid. And they respond to support tickets within a day or two.

Yes, apparantly this businesses sucks ass, there are other options and i will post after research. Im having the same issues, with the substantial ramifications and cost of services you would think it would not be so poor

Cointracker’s problem is they think no or little communication is best.