Is this a ghost ship?

Is anyone answering any of these questions? I’ve emailed the support twice, months and weeks ago. At what point do you start discounting your services because we are fending for ourselves? I get this is a “community” forum, however the CoinTracker employees are a part of this “community” right?



Even just a simple acknowledgement of issues or topics on the forum would be nice. But it seems like they aren’t responding to anything.

CT seems promising and I get things are busy this time of year. But how hard is it to take a few minutes to respond to posts?


We’re very much here, though I know we haven’t done a great job of making that clear! As the banner says at the top, our forum isn’t the best place for support right now. We’ve had to prioritize how we can best provide support as we quickly grow our team and ultimately decided that our email channel, where we have access to things like user account information, logging and more is the number one place for our attention. Please reach out there for pressing issues.

We go into a bit more depth about exactly what’s happening with our team here.

The long and short of it is our customer base has grown 5x in a very short time, and it’s taking us longer to 5x our customer support team. I know that’s a really disappointing situation to put ya’ll in but I can promise we’re working very hard to grow the team.

You should be seeing new replies coming out from us faster from some friendly new faces like Taylor! If you know anyone who loves crypto and helping folks, please point them towards us! Make sure to have any candidates you send our way list you as the referrer as we’re offering a reward for customers who help us hire.