Is this thing working?

Why is it taking hours to generate my report? - is something not working? - I spent hours putting these items in- and already paid for PRO - this is Important - these are TAXES -how do you get support from the people of Coin Tracker ?

There are several of us experiencing issues with the cost basis recomputing, and issues with portfolio etc tracking. I hope when I do get past the cost basis and I try to generate the tax report, after obviously having to pay cuz I have over 100 transactions, I don’t experience frustration such as you describe.

I did do the csv download and it was instant, so hopefully not. Maybe they are just super busy with tax season. But, I would have expected much more of a staff presence here in these forums to at least provide replies and help ease concerns that they ARE out there trying to help and keep things going. People will lose trust in the company altogether and right now something like this is exactly what the regular guy needs.

I was so happy to find this from within turbotax to help me piece together my hot mess of a crypto adventure from last year, I’m sure this is quite an opportunity for the company to grow there are probably loads of people in my boat… they can grow real big real fast - if they can provide a reliable, stable, and bug free experience.

Mine finished which fixed my portfolio issues, but I’m nervous to pay $ and continue after reading this post, rather than try a different service which has high ratings and apparently live chats for support, which would be nice. No one replies on these forums and I have sent a couple emails in the last 24 hours with no replies either.