Issue with Eth/BRDG trade

I made a trade via uniswap. I traded Eth for BRDG coin.

However in Cointracker it’s showing as a sale despite having both sides of the trade filled out.

This is causing the coin to not show up in my dashboard or portfolio despite it clearly showing I received BRDG for the trade.

How do I fix this?

Hi @Demnod,

Could you please share a screenshot of the issue with feedback [at] Also, please enable permission to view your CoinTracker account from settings.

Sent the image and enabled the setting! Thanks for taking a look.

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Hi friends,

Any update on this?

Hi @Demnod,

We’ll circle back on your support ticket. Thanks for your patience!

Having the same problem with ANKR. Somehow the ANKR on Cointracker is different. If I edit the transaction, then reselect ANKR then it shows up okay in the transactions, but on the portfolio, it shows that I have 0 amount of ANKR.

Hi @Istvan,

Thanks for confirming — we’re investigating this and we’ll let you know as soon as we have an update for you.

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