Issues syncing with coins that have multiple coins with the same name

Hi - I’ve noticed a probable developer issue - I hold EQ (Equilibrium Games) and THC (Thetan Coin) and both of these have issues getting the correct balance if I’ve bought/sold and or setting the correct token in my dashboard even though the correct coin is selected in my wallet.

For example - my bought EQ shows the correct balance, but I’ve sold some, and even thought the sell shows the correct coin and the transaction shows the gains, the dashboard coin balance does not reflect the reduction in count due to the sell. Possibly because there is another coin called EQ (Equilibrium)?

For THC it is different - the initial trades came in from the API as Hemp Coin - I edited all of those to change them to the Thetan coin I had purchased - again the transactions all look correct, but the dashboard continues to show the coins as Hemp Coin.

So, it seems the dashboard is not in sync with the transactions for coins with duplicates using the same letters AND something going on with them once sold as well where the sell is not reflected.

Hope that helps!