I've lost money but Net proceeds is showing 100% profit

I’ve synced up all of my wallets of which there were 3, binance, binance us and coinbase.

My unrealized return is 1600, leaving my portfolio with a balance of 2200.

But the chart says my market value is almost 6,000? Does that mean had I held onto my investments it’d be worth 6k?

The market value/costbasis of my account is showing correctly down from 3800 to 2200 on the bottom of this chart.

But this one is showing over 1k in profit? I’m concerned that doing my tax reports is going to be massively incorrect and cause huge over taxation considering I’ve lost money.

And I have so many previous transactions, I don’t even know where to start if I have to go in and manually enter them all.

Also, the cost basis for my BTC is way way way off. It seems my average unit price is 19000? How is that possible when I purchased BTC at 6k.

Hi @jbcryptodude,

This typically means there are some missing transactions. Are all your off-exchange wallets and Coinbase Pro (if you have ever used it) added to CoinTracker as well? If 100% of your wallets and exchanges across all transactions in all years are added to CoinTracker, could you message us at feedback [at] cointracker.io with permission to take a look at your CoinTracker account?

Hi Chandan thank you for your reply.

In my Binance US account, there are two transactions where I “Bought” BUSD. But these don’t seem to appear in my binance transactions.

I’m wondering if these two transactions are where all the extra numbers are coming from? I’ve only used Binance and Binance US so upon uploading transactions from those accounts, everything should be there.

Hi @jbcryptodude,

This could be the issue. Do you mind sending us a note at feedback [at] cointracker.io referencing this thread with permission to take a look at your CoinTracker account?

Sure thing that’d be very helpful Chandan thank you.

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