I've lost my 2FA

I’ve lost the ability to retrieve any codes from the Google Authorization app on my phone. I’ve also lost the recovery code. Fortunately I’m still logged into the site on my desktop but the 2FA code is required to turn off 2FA in the settings.

CoinTracker, what are the steps for turning off the currently enabled 2FA on my account?

Hi @JohnnyWatchman,

Could you please email us at feedback [at] cointracker.io with a request to reset 2FA?

Hi @Chandan. I appreciate the response, I will email there with the requested info. Thank you!

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@Chandan, I have the same problem of needing to reset 2FA, but after repeated emails to feedback at cointracker over the last month+, I’ve received no reply. Am getting a bit desperate. How can I request help? Thank you!

I sent one, and never received a single response email. what is going on. is cointracker support on strike?