January 2021 Highlights

Hey CoinTrackers,

The new year brought us another month of huge crypto growth, amplified by the rise of retail investors on Reddit. The hyping up of Gamestop stock (and bleeding into $DOGE), exposed the inefficiency of T+2 stock settlement for our centralized financial system. We also saw several high profile people endorse Bitcoin:

With surging demand for cryptocurrency, we have also continued to see an unprecedented rise in support volume so we appreciate your patience as we scale up our support team (we’re also hiring!). We are still receiving all your messages and responding as quickly as possible. And now, here are the latest updates from CoinTracker:

CoinTracker Partners with Coinbase
We’re excited to have partnered with Coinbase! Coinbase’s Tax Center now includes a link directly to CoinTracker and we’ve also received an investment from Coinbase Ventures.

Scaling Our Infrastructure
Due to a significant increase in traffic, we have been hard at work scaling CoinTracker to support many more users as well as to make our systems more stable and performant. As part of this scaling work, we have also launched a page where you can see the status of CoinTracker at any time: status.cointracker.io.

Change Your Account Email
CoinTrackers can now change their account email themselves at any time from the settings page.

Other news

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P.S. We’re hiring!