JQuery not found on all pages

Trying to use CoinTracker in conjunction with TurboTax to import my transaction history from Coinbase Pro.

The form for adding my wallet (passphrase, api key, secret) on both TurboTax’s site and on CoinTracker’s site fails to work (when pressing Add Wallet, nothing happens). In both cases, this is due to JQuery not being found (ReferenceError for $).

On the CoinTracker website, all pages fail to find JQuery.

Happening on both Chrome and Edge with 100% repro. Disabled all extensions and attempted clearing cache and cookies in Chrome. Edge is never used and was already in a clean state.

Would love to avoid figuring out my cost basis manually :slight_smile: Help? Thanks!

Following up on this. The issue was due to a problem with resolving code.jquery.com when the page tries to load JQuery from its CDN. This appears to be specific to certain regions/networks, and I’m able to get around it by accessing the site via VPN.

More info on the specific issue I ran into here: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET when connecting with code.jquery.com · Issue #77 · jquery/codeorigin.jquery.com · GitHub