July 2020 Product Highlights

Hey CoinTrackers,

It’s been quite a week for cryptocurrency with BTC surging through $11K in tandem with the rise of gold prices, Ledger losing 1M customers’ information to hackers, and Coinbase adding 2% rewards on DAI accounts. Here’s the latest and greatest from CoinTracker:

Mobile apps

We’ve refreshed our Android and iOS apps to make it easier to track your crypto portfolio performance on the go. We aim to make CoinTracker your go-to app for all your cryptocurrency tracking needs, so if you see any features missing, please let us know! If you find the app valuable, we’d love to see your reviews in the app stores.

Time-filtered charting

If you are a portfolio subscriber, you will now also enjoy charting at 1D, 1W, 1M, 3M, 1Y, and All time frequencies on web and mobile (free users can still access All time). Zoom out to see the big picture. Zoom in to see the latest trend.

Custom currencies

For those of you that ventured into the long tail of more obscure coins, we have added a powerful feature that enables you to track any asset. You can add a custom currency from the settings page and then track any coin (or even non-crypto assets) no matter how obscure.

Other improvements

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The CoinTracker Team

P.S. We’re hiring!