July 2021 Highlights

Hey CoinTrackers,

Crypto faced another down month with bitcoin briefly dropping below $30k and now sitting at $33k. Meanwhile the network saw China clamp down on bitcoin mining with 40% of the Bitcoin hashrate disappearing over the month. Nonetheless miners around the world continued mining, blocks continued getting confirmed, and the network carried forward robustly. Here’s the latest from our team at CoinTracker:

Tax-loss harvesting revamp
We have upgraded the tax-loss harvesting dashboard for Pro subscribers to make it much easier to see opportunities for crypto tax savings. This down market is the ideal time for many crypto users to take advantage of this powerful strategy:

Slick mobile login
We’ve also upgraded the login and sign-up experience on Android & iOS to be simpler:

Other updates

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The CoinTracker Team
P.S. We’re hiring!


@Chandan your team is doing great. Thanks for the July update. Know that your app is on my daily “taps”. I’m definitely part of your DAU metric. :clap: :clap: :clap: