June 2021 Highlights

Hey CoinTrackers,

The month of May brought headwinds to crypto prices with Bitcoin and Ether facing 30%+ declines in a single day. Since then, the prices have slightly recovered, with Bitcoin currently sitting at $37k. Meanwhile Arthur Hayes (former CEO/Founder of BitMEX) wrote an extensive post about the US Treasury and the role of crypto as an inflation hedge. And speaking of the US Treasury, they have indicated an expansion in cryptocurrency reporting requirements to fight tax evasion. Meanwhile, here’s the latest from CoinTracker:

Dark mode on mobile
It’s 2021 and we know dark mode on mobile was long overdue so here it is (web version in the works):

Scaling our infrastructure
With volatile crypto markets, we saw the largest growth in CoinTracker usage in our history. Behind the scenes, our engineering team has been hard at work scaling our infrastructure to handle more simultaneous active users and improve uptime (99.9%+ this year).

Other updates

  • Improvements: Voyager CSV integration, Binance US CSV support for quick buys & sells
  • Fixes: KuCoin syncing, hourly performance for current day, CEX.io syncing
  • Press: Bloomberg, Consensys 2021

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