KeepKey Xpub Import issue

I have KeepKey Firmware 6.4.0
I used the KeepKey XPub Exporter site: to extract my xPub address.
I’m prompted for my passphrase info to unlock the xPub info.
Now i copied the Bitcoin XPub, go back to Cointracker to add a wallet
Wallet Type: KeepKey
CryptoCurrency: Bitcoin
XPub Key: I past the address fro the exporter site.
I click add wallet and get “Failed to add wallet. Please check the values below.”
Any ideas of what I’m doing wrong?

I have also tried the generic xPub import menu choice as well with the same error.

Hi @admoseley,

Could you please share the xPub address that is failing to add with feedback [at] so that we can take a look at what is going on?

I followed with the email. So far not much traction. Trying some other things I tried to import my LTC XPUB and that added with no issues. So it look like its only the BTC that I’m having an issue with importing.

Great, we’ll circle back with you on your support ticket

Interesting discovery.
I use samourai wallet on my mobile and attempted to add my xpub from there also. The wallet allows you to obtain xpub, ypub, and zpub addresses. I tried each one by one with only the zpub being successful. Is it possible to convert the xpub to zpub?

Here’s from Jameson Lopp (not a CoinTracker-affiliate website):

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Hey guys I just wanted to circle back because this always bothered me.
I eventually went on and manually created the transactions to the best of my ability. Fees were a tad off, but it was better than nothing as it was tedious to back track and find all the data.
Well, I just tried once more, I imported my keepkey passphrase into MyCelium app on android.
On the Accounts screen, i highlighted the account, the the Menu in the upper-right corner to Export Account Keys, Said Yes to continue. the Ypub imported for me :slight_smile:, xpub failed just like before. But i was finally able to get all the transactions imported. Hopefully this can be helpful for any of your KeepKey users.

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Hi @admoseley,

Thank you for following up! Just to confirm, the steps to get KeepKey imported to CoinTracker:

  1. Export KeepKey mnemonic phrase
  2. Open in Mycelium
  3. Export yPub
  4. Import yPub to CoinTracker

Is that correct?

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