Keepkey xpub import troubles


I am trying to import my KeepKey wallet. Per the Cointracker blog post here I tried using the Keepkeyctl application on my Mac to get the xpub key from my wallet per the directions here. Unfortunately, when I ran the App it just gave me a message “Device Not Found”. I tried on Windows and the same thing happened. I recently updated the KeepKey firmware and I didn’t have the Keepkey Chrome extension open at the same time (I heard that might be the issue). My Keepkey was connected to my computer via the USB cable. Any ideas what the problem might be? If not, any suggestions how I should import my history from my wallet? Should I put the transfers into the CSV format use and then import it somehow? I’d really prefer not to enter them all manually 1 by 1.

Thank you very much!

Hi @jimchoufin,

Sorry to hear about these issues importing your KeepKey transactions. We haven’t personally dealt with KeepKey wallet before so it’s possible that their instructions are out of date. Could you try contacting KeepKey support (feel free to copy feedback [at] about how to extract your xPub keys?

As a short term workaround you can export all of your transactions to a CSV file, reformat to our generic CSV format, and upload to CoinTracker.