KNCL to KNC (Coinbase to Celsius) Issue

I sent my KNC from Coinbase to Celsius and there were no issues for awhile. Both tracked with API.

Today in CoinTracker it can’t figure out the cost basis for the KNC ‘received’ and interest I’m earning on Celsius because it appears I actually sent KNCL (Legacy) and Celsius must have changed it to KNC. What’s odd though is the KNCL wallet in CoinTracker doesn’t show I received KNCL but rather it shows I ‘received’ KNC (of course it’s not automatically picking up on the fact this is a transfer from my Coinbase account for some reason also).

Now I am getting cost basis errors on the KNC, the transfer isn’t syncing between coinbase/celsius and I’m getting duplicate interest earned showing on KNCL and KNC even though KNCL balance shows $0.

Any suggestions?