Kraken API for new Wallet

I’m attempting to set up my Kraken account in CoinTracker, via API. I was able to get my Coinbase and Coinbase Pro to work, as well as all my Ledger Nano wallets. The Kraken IOS app accepted the API I created for it.

For some reason, when I try to finalize the API settings within CoinTracker, it tells me it’s unable to set up the wallet and to recheck the values. I followed the instructions on the right to a tee. I retried several times with new API’s. No success…


For what it’s worth, I am able to refresh my Kraken account with my existing API (already in place). Not sure why yours is being difficult. As far as I remember Kraken is pretty simple too, just an API + Secret, so unlikely you’d get it wrong during the copy/paste.

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Have you put any funds in your Kraken wallet? I had the same problem initially with a new/empty Kraken wallet, but cointracker’s integration started working shortly after I put a bit of ETH into Kraken. Kraken’s API may behave unexpectedly if you’ve created a wallet but not yet used it in any way(?).

I have not created anything yet within Kraken (nor funded it). I did read someone posted in a Reddit forum they set something up and it didn’t work. I’ll send some ETH there and see if that fixes it.

Thanks for the response!

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I put a miniscule amount of XRP in a wallet and it worked. Thank again for the advice.


Same as others above. Took me awhile to fund the account, but once I did, the API key was accepted.