Kraken exchange API only works partially

All of my “received” transactions, such as rewards, flow in just fine. My cash purchases don’t flow in at all. Any ideas?

I set up the API exactly as instructed.

I’m having a similar issue.
My total balance is correct, but CoinTracker doesn’t import the payments I made to buy crypto (using the “Buy Crypto” button on Kraken), so it calculates all the crypto in my Kraken account as 100% profit. It makes CoinTracker essentially useless to me because my performance metrics are completely wrong.

I have also had issues, my cash deposits work OK, the problem Jim mentioned is a putz and I had to manually adjust everyone of those. No I have discovered that transfers from Kraken to Ledger - CoinT does not as transfers but new purchases so everyone of those needs to be adjusted manually.

I think how CoinT works with the Kraken API needs to be looked into deeply, doing things manually is not why I pay for the CoinT subscription.